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Get your free rented referrals now

My dear members,

I got a special new feature for you.

From this time on, you will receive 10% EXTRA Rented Referrals everytime you rent some.
The amount will be floored down on renting, since halve Rented Referrals do not exist.

I really hope you will like this one a lot, cheers!


Published on 14-09-2016
Clixhunter first Promo!

Hello my dear members,

As many of you requested, my first 30 day referral contest starts on the 6th of September server reset!

You can see Leaderboard and rules here:

There are no fixed prizes, I am giving up to $0.30 per active referral!
Prizes will decline at a 10% rate, according to rank and are for the Top10 members.
Note, an active referral has to click at least 4 advertisements.

To top it all off, there will also be one week of deposit bonuses. (Ends on the 12th of September 2016 23:59 server time!)

$10,00 or more will give you 10% extra in your purchase balance.
$100,00 or more will give you 12,50% extra in your purchase balance.
$500,00 or more will give you 15,00% extra in your purchase balance.

Please, do not try to cheat.

Good luck to all!


Published on 05-09-2016

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